The Ketchup Bottle

In high school I had a great English teacher. He was the kind of teacher who would push you to do your best with such enthusiasm that I’m sure every single one of his students cried tears of frustration at some point during the school year. (I know I did. It was over an essay about a tree.) (Yes, a tree.)

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Apartment Living & Dogs

Michael and I are facing a dilemma. A dog dilemma to be precise… or a canine conundrum,  or a pet predicament? Okay I’m done now.

The thing is: we really want a dog. I’ve had pets for the majority of my life and have discovered just how much I miss their friendly companionship since we moved to the South. Michael has always wanted a dog but never had one growing up. Together we make quite the pair of anxiously hopeful future dog owners. Continue reading

7 Summer Salads

7 Summer Salads

For about two years leading up to my wedding last September I was feeling great about my health, energy level, and overall body image. My diet was incredibly clean: consisting mostly of veggies, legumes and lean meats along with the occasional dark chocolate or frozen yogurt indulgence. I slowly and naturally dropped about 40ish pounds over those two years – the exact number is unknown because I have this thing with scales called “purposeful avoidance. ”  😉 Continue reading