7 Pretty Pieces of Art

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¬†Late last year on one of the many trips Michael¬†and I took for his work, I spent an afternoon browsing the aisles of Michael’s. I have always enjoyed crafty stores because they present so many possibilities! Maybe one day I’ll take up pottery! Or weaving! Or woodwork! It’s a fun mind game.

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Daily Life & Pictures of it

Having grown up in the Millennial generation, I am in a unique position; a position that is only shared by…. oh, 75 million people give or take a few. (That number is not an exaggeration! I actually looked it up!) As a member of the first generation to spend the majority of their lives with access to the internet and all social media therein, I am always wondering how much sharing is too much sharing? This question is a good one to ponder in its entirety but more specifically, I often wonder about the visual elements of social media. Does everyone need to see another picture of the rain I experienced today? Or of my cup of coffee? Or of my breakfast? Or of my feet? Or, or, or… Continue reading