Hopes: Rising & Falling

Resiliency is often unbelievably hard to embody. We all love to hear stories of triumph over challenges large and small. I mean, how many movies or novels out there are NOT about overcoming some obstacle?

It’s so easy to pinpoint one area of life that just isn’t 100% to my liking. This one area has been glaring at me for almost a year now and I’m always hoping to change it.  It’s one of those elements of life that is partially in my control –  I have to take action to bring about the change – but once my part is done it is out of my hands. (I could be talking about SO many things right now, right?! It’s amazing how many of life’s challenges fall into a similar pattern.)

With the possibility of change, I begin to water the seed of hope. I practice healthier self-talk when I’m nurturing hope and I view the future through a rosier lens. I make tentative plans based on the hopeful outcome all the while recognizing the possibility of the disappointment if my hope isn’t realized.

When disappointment does fall into my lap the waves of grief are painful no matter what I do to lessen the blow. I can pretend it’s all good and fine if I want, but it doesn’t mean that it is all good and fine. I can give into the lowness of spirit and know that it’s okay to not be okay. (It’s just not okay to stay there.)

The cycle will continue: I’ll allow hope to rise with possibility, I’ll feel crushed when my hopes are disappointed. Though it’s hard to be resilient, I know that without taking the step that gives me hope, I won’t have the opportunity to celebrate in the instance in which disappointment is not the result.

And that’s all I have to say about that. #couldIbemorevague


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