On Pet Adoption + Kira


You’ve met Kira, our adorable Heinz 57 pup with deep brown eyes and expressive ears. And you may remember that she was a rescue dog with an unknowable past except for small snippets we can piece together from the story of her rescue and her behavior.

We’ve had her for six months now and she has become very much a part of our little family. It’s so fun to find activities we can do with a dog and though her presence sometimes means a little more planning and a little less spontaneity, it’s totally worth it.

Adopting a dog hasn’t been a breeze though. Since you can never fully know the extent of the baggage your new pet might come with, there are lots of ways you might have to sink time, effort, and even money into the dog’s recovery. That certainly has been the case with Kira.

She spent the first few days with us in a pretty heightened state of anxiety. We discovered that our living space was set up in a way that encouraged her to jog around in laps around our furniture in her distress. So we rearranged everything to create a more peaceful, less lappable space!

It didn’t take her long to attach to me, but Michael has had to put in a ton of effort to help her learn to trust him. He’s made huge progress but he still has to help her along every once in a while. This is especially true after a long or stressful week at work when he isn’t able to invest as much time with her on the weekdays.  She’ll begin to revert back to thinking he’s probably a bad guy with a volatile temper – which is so untrue it’s actually kind of funny.

In our experience, the extra attention, work, and effort it has taken to rehabilitate Kira is probably about equal to the amount of work a puppy would have taken! She came to us with a bunch of extra needs that a puppy most likely wouldn’t have but on the other hand, she already knew all the basic commands in addition to having excellent bladder control. That’s a win right there. 🙂

Despite the work – what good thing doesn’t require work? – I’m so thankful to have her in our lives. She is such a joyful little thing.



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