Discover Your Own City


Alabama has been home for about a year and a half but there are many things I have yet to experience in the area. As Winter came to a close and things began to thaw out, Michael and I discovered a new enthusiasm for exploring our own city.

To that end, we’ve been scouring event calendars and making an effort to attend events that sound fun. A couple weeks ago we wandered around downtown for a car show and BBQ. The car show wasn’t exactly what we anticipated (more of a modern car turn out as opposed to restored vehicles) so we decided to have lunch in a local bar & grill before wandering Big Spring Park. The park is so much larger than I knew! Even though I had walked there numerous times before during short work breaks, I’d never taken the time to walk the entirety of it. This time, we did!

As we walked, we enjoyed watching some ducklings on what was perhaps their very first dip into the water. They were extremely hesitant and stood on the edge for quite some time before finally jumping in. So cute.





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