Camping: A Tragedy or Comedy?


Memorial Day weekend was the first three-day weekend in what felt like a decade. After an especially hard month of sickness and challenging work schedules, Michael and I wanted to make it count! A search on HomeAway yielded an exciting find: a cute little campground that offers small cabins in the place of tents. Since we don’t own a tent, or any real camping gear, this seemed like a great way to camp without spending a fortune on items we’d rarely use.

We reserved our cabin a couple weeks ahead of time and looked forward to the time away. This is probably where things started going wrong. It’s easy to idealize something in the future only to be disappointed with the reality, wouldn’t you agree?

On Saturday morning, we packed up all the necessities for three days in the “wilderness,” and headed out with Kira in tow. (Her very first camping trip. Yes, she’s a dog, but we don’t have children yet so sometimes we get overly excited about firsts with our pup.) 🙂

After a two hour drive, we arrived to check in with the owner who may or may not have been drunk. He wreaked of alcohol at the very least. We were shown our small cabin and left to set up camp. We explored the camping grounds, built a fire, and made some dinner. And felt totally awesome that we were successful at those last two…

All was fine, and we were still excited about camping for the weekend.

As nighttime approached, our excitement quickly turned sour. First, we learned from our cabin neighbor that a couple people had been killed in the campground in recent history. We couldn’t determine how they were killed (driving accident? alcohol-related? HOW DID THESE PEOPLE “GET KILLED” SIR?) only that there had been a couple deaths.

On that note, we decided to head into the cabin for the night where we found a lizard on the wall. We named him Gilbert and tried really hard to ignore his presence. He was gone by morning but we still don’t know where he went or how he got inside in the first place.

After climbing into bed and attempting sleep for a number of hours, we were startled by the unhappy sound of nearby gunshots. 10 of them in rapid succession. I have to say, that is an extremely unpleasant way to wake up. (We can’t confirm the result of these gunshots. Only that we heard them. They were loud. And they were not welcome.)

Shortly thereafter, a bitter fight broke out between a man and a woman who were staying in another cabin. The fight was brought outside and happened to continue in full force on the pathway outside our window. The riotous screaming only confirmed our night of complete wakefulness and our desire to depart as soon as the sun came up.

After hours of laying awake in the dark, laughing about our seemingly impending deaths – You guys. It was way more terrifying than it sounds. Also we were really tired. Don’t judge. – the sun finally came up. We packed up and got the heck out of there. Kira was extremely happy to get home safely. Okay, so were we.

And that is the story of our Memorial Day camping trip. We’ve been trying to cheer ourselves up by joking about “that one time we tried to go camping and almost died.” It works sometimes. 🙂



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