How old is too old?

Processed with VSCO

Growing up, I believed the lie that I should have been a professional at “X” by age 18 to be any good at it, ever. This belief was only solidified by the internet since I’m often finding videos or articles about young proteges whose talent surpasses the trained skill of many a professional in whatever creative field. More and more, I’ve come to learn that this belief is a falsehood and I’d be better off to squash it.

At 26, I’m hardly ‘too old’ to begin learning a new skill or to embark on a totally new career path. Sure, it stinks to be a beginner in your mid-twenties, but isn’t now better than never?

I’ve had an untrained creative bent for as long as I can remember and I’m finally sitting down to the hard work of training. Perhaps my effort will never reach a dollar value but that may not be the only value worth pursuing.

Just some thoughts about art and creativity on a Monday morning. 🙂

Above: I’m learning to visualize how light might impact desert mountain scenes without using a reference picture. It’s harder than it seems and I’m worse at it than I’d hoped! But I still take so much satisfaction in even the smallest improvement.



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