That Desert Sky


This morning did not go as planned! I received an Apple notification warning me of an impending charge to my Apple account and since I no longer use an iPhone, it sent me down a rabbit trail of logging into old accounts, downgrading to free versions of iCloud & iTunes Match… all these things I supposedly “needed” while using an Apple device. (hmmm…)

Anyway! The morning’s activities weren’t for nothing because I needed to go through the thousands – no exaggeration – of photos I had sitting on my on iPhone at some point. It might as well be today, right?

{More photos after the jump!}


As a side note-to-self: in this era of digital cameras embedded into phones I have a tendency to take, oh, five pictures or so just to be sure I catch a good one. And really, one picture would have been quite enough. Especially when we’re talking about pictures of cream spreading throughout iced coffee. Yes, this is the reality that was my camera roll.


Despite the absolute drudgery that became my morning’s task, I noticed some themes pop up along the way.

First, the pictures that I just could not, would not delete are almost all of people. Even photos that I didn’t like of myself at the time they were taken feel like treasures now. It reminded me to get out in front of the camera more and to take more photos in general. This is my life! It would be fun to have at least the highlights documented.

Secondly, I just love photos of the desert sky. I only had about 500 of them! I grew up in the desert, moved away from the desert, moved back to the desert, moved away, moved back, and moved away AGAIN! (Which brings us to the present.) And through all those changes, I have always been one to admire a beautiful sky. Especially if the foreground includes a few tumbleweeds. 🙂


I guess no matter how green and swampy my current home is, I’m talking about you ‘bama, I’ll always be a desert rat. And I’m not sorry about that.




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