From Foe to Friend: The Story of a Tomato.

I’ve always, always, always hated tomatoes. Sure, I’ve enjoyed ketchup or marinara sauce but anything close to raw? No. Heavens no, that’s the worst.

At some point, as a teenager, I started allowing a slice of tomato on my hamburger every so often. But even then it usually landed on the plate before the burger was more than half-way eaten. Tomatoes and I just weren’t meant to be friends.


But then…. 

Somehow my tongue decided to betray me and I couldn’t resist buying the beautiful vine-ripened tomatoes at the store. They were just begging to be eaten. And so began my summer’s exploration of the tomato. It turns out, they really aren’t the worst.


In fact, they’re quite tasty! (Though I still can’t quite handle them raw.) They’re beautiful, nuanced, vibrant, crisp. And somehow they’re both tangy and earthy.

Now that my taste buds have awakened and I’m ready for all things tomato, summer has ended and the tomato is replaced by the pumpkin. I’m forced to say farewell for now:

until next year my new friend! I’ll never cast you aside again.


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