From Foe to Friend: The Story of a Tomato.

I’ve always, always, always hated tomatoes. Sure, I’ve enjoyed ketchup or marinara sauce but anything close to raw? No. Heavens no, that’s the worst.

At some point, as a teenager, I started allowing a slice of tomato on my hamburger every so often. But even then it usually landed on the plate before the burger was more than half-way eaten. Tomatoes and I just weren’t meant to be friends.


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That Desert Sky


This morning did not go as planned! I received an Apple notification warning me of an impending charge to my Apple account and since I no longer use an iPhone, it sent me down a rabbit trail of logging into old accounts, downgrading to free versions of iCloud & iTunes Match… all these things I supposedly “needed” while using an Apple device. (hmmm…)

Anyway! The morning’s activities weren’t for nothing because I needed to go through the thousands – no exaggeration – of photos I had sitting on my on iPhone at some point. It might as well be today, right?

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How old is too old?

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Growing up, I believed the lie that I should have been a professional at “X” by age 18 to be any good at it, ever. This belief was only solidified by the internet since I’m often finding videos or articles about young proteges whose talent surpasses the trained skill of many a professional in whatever creative field. More and more, I’ve come to learn that this belief is a falsehood and I’d be better off to squash it.

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Camping: A Tragedy or Comedy?


Memorial Day weekend was the first three-day weekend in what felt like a decade. After an especially hard month of sickness and challenging work schedules, Michael and I wanted to make it count! A search on HomeAway yielded an exciting find: a cute little campground that offers small cabins in the place of tents. Since we don’t own a tent, or any real camping gear, this seemed like a great way to camp without spending a fortune on items we’d rarely use.

We reserved our cabin a couple weeks ahead of time and looked forward to the time away. This is probably where things started going wrong. It’s easy to idealize something in the future only to be disappointed with the reality, wouldn’t you agree?

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Easy Baked Meatballs

It wasn’t until our move-in day that I realized our apartment’s kitchen didn’t have a pantry. I’m sure it was a simple oversight on our part because we only gave ourselves one apartment-hunting day before making a decision. Overall we haven’t suffered from the haste of our decision but I do have to be creative with how to store our food!

As a result of the small, pantry-less kitchen I have become accustom to grocery shopping about once a week or so and I pretty much only buy what we can consume in a week. This method certainly has it’s benefits, but every so often I will underestimate our appetites and we’ll get down to the bare-bones in our kitchen before I expect to. Sometimes this just requires another trip to the store. More often, it requires resourcefulness to make a complete meal out of what we have on hand. This recipe was borne out of such a scenario. 🙂



A more organized list of ingredients and the recipe instructions below the jump!

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