On Pet Adoption + Kira


You’ve met Kira, our adorable Heinz 57 pup with deep brown eyes and expressive ears. And you may remember that she was a rescue dog with an unknowable past except for small snippets we can piece together from the story of her rescue and her behavior.

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Meet Kira


You are probably aware of just how much Michael and I have wanted to get a dog. We’ve spent many a Saturday over the last year visiting animal shelters to get our pet fix and to fall in love with all the animals we couldn’t have… breed restrictions at our apartment complex, etc.

Well, we bit the bullet so-to-speak and adopted a furry little pup. This is Kira.

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Apartment Living & Dogs

Michael and I are facing a dilemma. A dog dilemma to be precise… or a canine conundrum,  or a pet predicament? Okay I’m done now.

The thing is: we really want a dog. I’ve had pets for the majority of my life and have discovered just how much I miss their friendly companionship since we moved to the South. Michael has always wanted a dog but never had one growing up. Together we make quite the pair of anxiously hopeful future dog owners. Continue reading