Easy Baked Meatballs

It wasn’t until our move-in day that I realized our apartment’s kitchen didn’t have a pantry. I’m sure it was a simple oversight on our part because we only gave ourselves one apartment-hunting day before making a decision. Overall we haven’t suffered from the haste of our decision but I do have to be creative with how to store our food!

As a result of the small, pantry-less kitchen I have become accustom to grocery shopping about once a week or so and I pretty much only buy what we can consume in a week. This method certainly has it’s benefits, but every so often I will underestimate our appetites and we’ll get down to the bare-bones in our kitchen before I expect to. Sometimes this just requires another trip to the store. More often, it requires resourcefulness to make a complete meal out of what we have on hand. This recipe was borne out of such a scenario. 🙂



A more organized list of ingredients and the recipe instructions below the jump!

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Menu Planning + Rosemary Beef Stew

One of the most surprising things to me about running my own home is how much I enjoy meal planning. Over the last year and a half I have relished the process of meal planning even during stressful seasons. It’s a little weird.

I love how preparing to make a classic comfort food can be a comfort in itself during seasons of change and trouble. I love how planning a menu for an evening with friends is both exciting and cause for a little nervousness. I love how meal planning is a puzzle: “how can I make the best, most nutritious, most delicious food with ‘x’ amount of money this week?”

Meal planning is nearly as cathartic for me as the actual act of cooking or baking. I’d love to share my tips, tricks, and strategies for meal planning and grocery shopping with you sometime, if you’re interested. 🙂

And now, a story:

Last week, the weather app I use foretasted a drizzly day with dip in temperature. I decided to take this opportunity to give one last nod to winter’s comfort food before launching into the exciting season of produce abundance that is spring and summer. I made Rosemary Beef Stew with mashed potatoes. I’m sure this dish has existed in recipe form for a long time, but this recipe is my own:


A more organized list of ingredients + full instructions below the jump:

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7 Summer Salads

7 Summer Salads

For about two years leading up to my wedding last September I was feeling great about my health, energy level, and overall body image. My diet was incredibly clean: consisting mostly of veggies, legumes and lean meats along with the occasional dark chocolate or frozen yogurt indulgence. I slowly and naturally dropped about 40ish pounds over those two years – the exact number is unknown because I have this thing with scales called “purposeful avoidance. ”  😉 Continue reading

Indian comfort food on a snowy day

The view from our front porch, brrrr.


Our Realtor warned us about a phenomenon that occurs here in Huntsville, Alabama: mass panic and desperation at the slightest inkling of snow. “Don’t bother trying to buy bread, milk, or eggs when you see snow in the forecast,” he warned, “those shelves at the store will be empty.”

Turns out he was right!

The past few weeks have brought an unusual amount of snow to the area – we were blessed with eight inches overnight at one point! (A remarkable amount according to locals.) I was thankful to have done all my grocery shopping ahead of time so I could keep away from the hysteria and stay warm and cozy inside for the majority of the snowfall. I even turned on the “Fireplace For Your Home” episode on Netflix to see if it had any sort of placebo-effect powers to keep me warm. (It didn’t. But it was pretty!)

Recently, I’ve enjoyed flexing my amateur-chef muscles by trying new recipes from different cultures and these wintry days provided a perfect opportunity to try Chicken Tikka Masala. The recipe I found on Table for Two was daunting at first, not because of the complexity of the instructions but because of the long list of ingredients! I discovered, however, that a large portion of the ingredients are spices that are quite common to have on hand. I only had to hunt down one spice (garam masala) that my usual grocery store doesn’t carry. Since it is a slow-cooker recipe, I was able to throw it all together in the morning and enjoy the rich scent as I worked at home throughout the day.

I am looking forward to making this dish again so that I can play with some of the ingredient ratios to make it “mine.” When I do, I’ll be sure to provide the recipe and photos of the dish myself. Until then, though, I highly recommend this recipe!

I’d love to hear: do you enjoy Indian food? Would you try this recipe? What would you change in it?